CASAA comments on NIOSH proposed recommendations re workplace tobacco use

by Carl V Phillips

Recently the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health issued a draft of proposed recommendations for employers and it was opened for comments. Their draft can be found here, though you really do not have to read it to make sense of our comment. Basically all you need to know is that they made exactly the same recommendations about smokeless tobacco use as they did about smoking (no amount of ventilation is sufficient for indoor use???). They made no explicit recommendations about e-cigarettes, but included innuendo about them.

As you may know, NIOSH is part of CDC, but they normally do not act like the CDC tobacco office that receives a lot of attention in this blog. They have a lot of genuinely good scientists there.

Our comment follows:

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What is peer review really? (part 3)

by Carl V Phillips

After I was rudely interrupted by two of the most prolific weeks in anti-THR lies in recent memory, followed by a week of recovering from that, I am finally getting back to this series. You will recall that in Part 1 I reviewed the history of journal peer review, and pointed out why it is largely obsolete now, as well as why its current general failure in health science fields is inevitable. In Part 2, I started presenting a list of myths about peer review (in no particular order), with Myth 1: Peer reviewers have access to more information than any other reader of the paper. Continue reading

Number of lives saved must be adjusted for those who cannot be saved, etc. (wonkish)

 by Carl V Phillips

There is always some interest in quantifying how many people could be saved by THR, and it flared up this week thanks to estimates by Robert West (his paper; his press comments). As a result, Brad Rodu and I were discussing the challenge of correctly accounting for smokers who could not be saved by quitting (in any manner) because the disease by which smoking is going to kill them is already established. (Recall that CDC is apparently planning to try to trick people into believing that such diseases among vapers were caused by vaping itself, rather than because their learning about THR came a year or two too late — thanks in part to the CDC.)  Quitting is not the same as never having smoked, and THR switching is not the same as having always used the low-risk alternative. Continue reading

TrANTZlation of Goniewicz and Lee NTR abstract re “thirdhand vapor”

by Carl V Phillips

After an unrelenting two weeks of very important posts here on very important topics, it is time for some whimsy (whimsy with a serious scientific message, of course). What, some of you haven’t read all the other posts from the last two weeks? Well don’t waste your time on this! Click backwards and read them!

Goniewicz and Lee recently published a peer-reviewed (that is the first bit of whimsy) paper in Nicotine and Tobacco Research. Their abstract is here, and this is probably more amusing if you read that first, though basically every word of the original is still present in the following trANTZlation of it: Continue reading

Kandel, Kandel, and NEJM: flogging the gateway hypothesis to attack e-cigarettes

by Carl V Phillips

I expected to focus today’s post on all the stupid media reports on the publication that I wrote about yesterday via the CASAA press release. But a funny thing happened: almost nothing. Though this was the type of supposedly-authoritative sensationalism that the press usually eats up, there were remarkably few stories in the American press. So I decided to go old-school with the post instead, and focus on the lies and liars. Continue reading

CASAA response to new study that claims ecigs are a gateway to cocaine

by Carl V Phillips

I will write more about this later. I know it is a bit odd to lead with the response rather than the background analysis, but it has been a long day. By the time you read this, the first of the churnalism articles reporting the junk science claim referenced in the title should already be appearing, so you can see the details of what this press release was responding to. Here is what we sent out, copied below for your convenience.  Please send the above link to reporters and post in comments when you see the inevitable stories start appearing.

[Update: Rodu on this.]


CASAA: New claims that e-cigarettes are a gateway to cocaine use are junk science Continue reading

WHO attempted censorship re e-cigarettes, follow-up

by Carl V Phillips

Following my reporting on a WHO lawyer trying to censor Clive Bates’s criticism of their disinformation and bad policy recommendations about e-cigarettes, I sent a letter to the lawyer who wrote to him to try to gather more information and clarification. Two full work days in Switzerland have now passed without reply, so I am just going to publish the questions: Continue reading

FDA signals that nothing is ever “substantially equivalent”

by Carl V Phillips

The FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) recently ruled on “Substantial Equivalence” (SE) applications about a group of smokeless tobacco products in the Ariva/Stonewall family. They ruled that these are not substantially equivalent to predicate products, which is an Orwellian way of saying they are banning them. In a week filled with bad news about supposedly health-oriented organizations threatening people’s health and welfare with anti-THR lies, this perhaps passed unnoticed by many. It should not have. It is by far the worst news of the week for Americans. We are still trying to make sense of the details as they relate to the particular products (note all the complexities below), but one implication is clear: FDA plans to use the SE process to block the introduction of THR products. Continue reading