Anti-Hahn poster

Today’s content is thanks to Kristin Noll-Marsh, who has created CASAA’s direct response to the Ellen Hahn poster that was the topic here for most of last week.  Taking a different tack from our letter to the University, Kristin created a consumer-friendly poster to directly compete with Hahn’s.  So anyone at or near the University of Kentucky, please print out some copies and post them next to Hahn’s!  Kristin’s document covers a lot of the same points that appeared here already, but it makes some additional points.  Moreover, even though it is a catchy poster, it also stands as more of a research paper (with specific sources cited for specific claims, in particular) than the blog — and probably more than anything Hahn has ever written.

Since it is all there at the link, I will not repeat it here.  (Aside:  Remember, the more links we have to the letter, poster, and blog posts, the higher those will be in searches compared to her lies.  Just sayin’.)

I know that a lot of readers are waiting for our response to the anti-THR press release about lung effects that was touted this week.  Since we have higher scientific standards than the author of that press release, it is taking a bit longer to finish.  It should appear in two or three parts starting later this week.

3 responses to “Anti-Hahn poster

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  3. I Love this: Since we have higher scientific standards than the author of that press release, it is taking a bit longer to finish

    Keep it going guys. This one needs a meticulous decimation!

    By the way I noticed that Gratziou et al found no increase in spirometry measures for the COPD/ Asthma group. Therefore, on balance of risks one thing she should be saying is that COPD/ Asthma suffering smokers should take up e-cigarettes as soon as possible.

    Just to be clear, I would not say that based on the ‘evidence’ from this paper though.


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