From my archives – Tobacco Candy research “study”

by Carl V Phillips

I do not have enough spare cycles this week to write any new Lies posts, I’m afraid, and the rest of the CASAA leadership is equally buried with legislation and such so I cannot draft them.  But it has become increasingly apparent that many readers of this blog are not familiar with the huge collection that comprised my older THR work, and by “older” I mean everything from early 2012 and going back more than ten years before that.

So I will take this opportunity to outsource to a “research paper” I wrote in early 2012, which I think is one of the best, or at least funniest things I have ever written.  It would have been a good post for this blog, but this blog did not exist yet.

It is interesting to note how much things have changed in a year.  That post was inspired by the flurry of ANTZ junk “research” on the dangers of dissolveable smokeless tobacco products (though it has an e-cigarette component too).  Some of that is reviewed in the post, for those not familiar.  A year later, dissolveables have pretty much disappeared from the market (for the moment — they will be back) and, of course the ANTZ have stopped writing anything about the topic.  It is further evidence that, as noted in the last post here, they are not actually interested in learning anything or assessing whether a product is good or bad for the world.  They just do their pseudo-science to bolster their political attacks on THR, and when they think they have won a battle they lose interest in the topic.

2 responses to “From my archives – Tobacco Candy research “study”

  1. This has to be one of my all-time favorites. When I first read it, I literally laughed out loud . . . something I don’t do nearly often enough. Best of all, nearly a year later, and it’s still just as funny.

  2. From today’s news… and note that it’s a Big Pharma product:

    and here’s my posting in case it gets “disappeared” …

    People seem to be missing this: “Sixteen of them, all in good condition, were taken to hospitals, and two refused further medical treatment.” In other words, it sounds like none of the kids actually had real problems and it was more a case of hysteria than reality.

    BUT… it should be noted that the kids MAY have been given the lozenges through a school anti-smoking program. These programs are common as it’s deemed important to get into their minds from a very early age with strong negative stimuli, and there’s been at least one case of a young teen being hospitalized in a near coma after a day’s presentation and product giveaway during an antismoking program in the past. The 13? 14? year old chewed gum with the equivalent of over a hundred cigarettes during his lunch break and passed out.

    So was part of the news story left out here? Or did the “candy” come from someplace else?


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