“harm reduction” in 72 easy words

by Carl V Phillips

For those who do not follow me on Twitter, you might like to see my definition and defense of harm reduction in a mere 72 words, using an editor that restricts you to the 1000 most common words used in English (it is a tool to see if you can explain difficult concepts using simple words).  Don’t bother trying to write one for a particular area of harm reduction, like THR — the nouns you need are not in the that top 1000 words.

3 responses to ““harm reduction” in 72 easy words

  1. It sounds eerily like the type of language used by many of the comments heard from ANTZ.

  2. The 72 words are truly concise.

  3. Carl V Phillips

    Just in case that link stops working, it occurs to me that I should just post the content here:

    If we can make something safer without making it too much less fun, people will pick the safer way. We do not need to force them to just stop, which may not be possible anyway. Force makes people less happy and causes pain. It often does not work when we try. We have little right to control people’s lives, but there is nothing at all wrong with offering ways to be safer.

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