Tuesday Testimonial (3)

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I began smoking when I was 12 years old. My friend and I would get her older brother to buy them for us. We thought we were so cool and grown up. As I progressed into high school, my habit became more severe and by sophomore year I was up to a pack a day. I told myself I was going to quit before I graduated. Near the end of my senior year, I quit for the first time. My first attempt was cold turkey. That lasted about a month and I quickly discovered that much of my addiction was psychological, not just the physical dependance on nicotine. As soon as my home life got difficult I was back smoking cigarettes.

My second attempt at quitting was a disaster. at 19 years old I decided to try nicotine patches, which resulted in dizziness, rapid heartbeat, and severe insomnia. I was back to smoking within two weeks. My third attempt was with nicotine gum, which again resulted in dizziness and rapid heartbeat, with the added bonus of making me nauseous as well.

My fourth attempt at quitting was when I was 24. I learned that I was pregnant and again decided to quit on my own, without any smoking cessation aids. I was actually fairly successful in that I stayed smoke free for the duration of my pregnancy, and for about 6 months after my daughter was born. Unfortunately, stress once again got the better of me and I was back to smoking again.

From the ages of 25 to 32, I smoked anywhere from 5 or 6 cigarettes a day to as much as a pack. Then, two years ago, my sister and her husband quit their occasional clove cigarette habit using an e-cigarette. They let me try it, and I enjoyed it but was not really convinced. After all, in my mind they weren’t really smokers. I figured it was just too good to be true. So another year went by, and my brother came to town for a visit. He told me he had quit smoking using e-cigarettes. He was using a Provari, which was the first large, advanced personal vaporizer I had ever seen. It looked like a monster. He had been a two pack a day smoker for many years and was now no longer smoking. I was surprised that it had worked so well for him and it convinced me to give it a try.

I bought a Joyetech E-Go kit at the local shop in my hometown. I told myself that if I really wanted a real cigarette I could have it. When I bought the e-cigarette I had 4 cigarettes left in my pack. I smoked one cigarette each day before I went to bed, and on the fifth day I decided not to buy any more. I haven’t smoked since. It has been 13 months since I had my last cigarette. I have upgraded from my original kit and now have an assortment of E-Go Twists, Vision Spinners, an Apollo VTube and a Vamo V2. I usually use my Vamo. I also mix my own e-liquids. It has become not just a smoking cessation device, but also a hobby that I enjoy.

I have converted quite a few people to using e-cigarettes, many of whom have also quit using traditional tobacco with them. This includes friends, co-workers and family members. These devices have been a blessing in my life. After almost 20 years of smoking, I can proudly say that I am not a smoker. I can breathe better. I can smell and taste again. I don’t smell like smoke. And, most importantly, my daughter isn’t being exposed to second-hand smoke anymore. And I will get to be around, and be healthy, when she grows up and has kids of her own. I truly believe that e-cigarettes are saving my life, and the lives of thousands of others.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and thank you to CASAA for all the important work you do for all of us ex-smokers and future ex-smokers.

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