CASAA comments on FDA deeming of ecigs

by Carl V Phillips

Hello.  Sorry for the blog silence.  I was busy.

Half of it was writing our comment to the FDA about the e-cigarette deeming regulation.  You can download a copy of it here.   For the other half, see the next post I put up on EP-ology.

The CASAA comment is a few(!) blog posts worth of material for you to read, so I will end at that.  Oh, and this represents the end of this series, which was the basis for some of the comment.  I was going to do two more posts in it, but I ran out of time to do the intermediate step and that material just went straight into the comment.


7 responses to “CASAA comments on FDA deeming of ecigs

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  2. That response is truly enlightening. I would never have thought that the way conclusions were formed was such a convoluted process on the part of the FDA. Are there any scientific facts directly related to how the FDA is making these proposed rules that don’t fail from being twisted or spun?

    • Carl V Phillips

      Well, of course not every single word of science in the document is so twisted and spun. But it is a remarkably high percentage. I did not cherry pick a few errant errors when I went through and identified the flaws in the science. I address a large portion of all the scientific claims that are made and find them to be biased/twisted/wrong.

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