New Phillips-Nissen-Rodu working paper

by Carl V Phillips

Those of you who read this blog might be interested in the new working paper by myself, Catherine Nissen, and Brad Rodu that I just posted at my other blog. It is not about THR per se, but it is closely related and has key THR aspects. Mostly it shows how the almost the entire enterprise of smoking cessation — as both an individual or policy matter — is misguided because of a few identifiable points of confusion, and a bit about how to fix this. (Yes, that is a rather ambitious characterization. You can tell me if you think it is wrong.)

2 responses to “New Phillips-Nissen-Rodu working paper

  1. Joel L. Nitzkin, MD

    This is the best articulation of the topic of the dynamics of cigarette cessation that I have seen. This needs to be formally published and also widely distributed to the research, THR, and e-cig communities
    Joel L. Nitzkin, MD

    • Carl V Phillips

      Thanks, Joel. While I disagree with what constitutes formal publishing (by the standards of a more serious field like physics, math, statistics, or economics, that would be considered already done) I do agree that since public health is not such a field it needs to be sent to a journal. That is the plan — after people have had enough time to peer review it and we have made the resulting improvements.

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