Admin notes

In a bit of good news for readers, I realized that I have several posts that I have conceived or that are even mostly drafted that I had been suppressing when CASAA published this blog (either due to the legal problems that might arise from CASAA’s nonprofit status for discussing partisan politics, or because of CASAA’s aversion to disagreeing with anyone who is pro-ecig).  I will be trickling those out, though not at the pace I kept up in the CASAA days.

Also, I have revived my THR science discussion page at Facebook. For the moment anyway, it is my new home for discussing these issues. (Never trust a pundit who lives in an echo chamber and does not engage in such discussions!) I apologize for those who do not do Facebook — I hate it too, but it is convenient. Anyone is welcome to join in; if you read this blog, you are the target audience.

3 responses to “Admin notes

  1. Carl, we share our distaste for FBook (Although I’m gradually finding it at least a bit more tolerable — I just don’t like the idea that someday they’re liable to be taken over by the Antis and erase ALL of us as though we never existed.) but I’m looking forward to your new pieces!

  2. natepickering

    Damn, and I was doing so well at not doing Facebook.

    • Carl V Phillips

      Yeah, my sympathies. I only use it for reading a couple of groups and to echo my Twitter feed to those who, for some reason, prefer to follow me via Facebook.

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