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Science Lesson: what are vapor, aerosol, particles, liquids, and such?

by Carl V Phillips There is much confusion about states of matter as they relate to e-cigarette “vapor”. This post is intended to explain what you need to know about them. The word “vapor” has become a generally accepted term … Continue reading

Glantz attempt at dialogue makes clear the vacuousness of his arguments

by Carl V Phillips The leading ANTZ strategy for creating the illusion that they have valid arguments, hiding the fact that they are a combination of liars and clueless, is to avoid dialogue. It is relatively easy to create the … Continue reading

What is wrong with ecig particulate claims – the simple version

by Carl V Phillips One of the two blogs (excluding this one — I will leave that judgment to others) you should read every word of, if you are interested in understanding the sciences surrounding THR, is Clive Bates’s. So … Continue reading

Letter re fatal flaws in Schober et al. paper on environmental vapor

by Carl V Phillips Below is a letter to the editor and Igor Burstyn and I will be submitting to the journal that published this article — “Use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) impairs indoor air quality and increases FeNO levels of e-cigarette … Continue reading

Is heat-not-burn destined to become a serious harm reduction alternative?

by Carl V Phillips I, along with most THR advocates, have long been a bit skeptical about heat-non-burn (HnB) alternative cigarettes.  These are devices that apply heat from some source (like an external burning coal or a heating element) other … Continue reading

North Dakota’s Lies Freeze Out Smokers and Former Smokers

posted by Elaine Keller On November 6, North Dakota citizens will vote on adopting a drastically revised version of the state’s anti-smoking law, “Initiated Statutory Measure No. 4 Relating to Prohibiting Smoking in Public Spaces and Worksites.” Absentee balloting has … Continue reading