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More on the FDA ecig workshop

by Carl V Phillips Those of you who watched my contribution to the workshop (which you can do by following the link in yesterday’s post) probably found the most memorable observation to be the one about San Francisco. But I … Continue reading

Notes from the FDA e-cigarette workshop

by Carl V Phillips I have several posts worth of material to cover on the themes presented here. I’ll see if I can get to them. In the meantime, some random thoughts about the third FDA Center for Tobacco Products … Continue reading

Burstyn comments at FDA workshop on ecig science

by Igor Burstyn [Editor’s Note: As I mentioned previously, FDA refused CASAA’s application to have Igor appear on the agenda of the FDA workshop on e-cigarette chemistry and related science. After seeing who they did put on stage, it became doubly clear that … Continue reading

FDA “regulation” of e-cigarettes would not actually be regulation

by Carl V Phillips A recent news poll asked people, “Do you believe e-cigarettes should be regulated by the FDA like tobacco products?”, and 57% said “yes”. The main lesson from that is that people who are clueless about survey … Continue reading

Dear @FDATobacco: Stanton Glantz’s junk science reflects upon you

by Carl V Phillips Dear FDA Center for Tobacco Products: I know you did not create Stanton Glantz. His intense barrage of patently absurd junk science predates your existence. You did not cause him to become the combination of utterly … Continue reading

“Second-hand vapor”: what tobacco controllers would say if they really believed it was a problem

by Carl V Phillips None of the people nattering on about the environmental effects of vaping are actually concerned about what they claim.  This has occurred to me before, but it was made particularly clear at the recent FDA workshop … Continue reading

Don’t annoy us with the facts, we got us some regulatin’ to do

by Carl V Phillips Sometimes parody is hard. For example, in their page requesting public comments associated with their upcoming workshops on the science of e-cigarettes, FDA states (repeating what they said in their Federal Register notice on the matter): … Continue reading

Dear FDA CTP: Nothing about us without us!

by Carl V Phillips As many of you know, CASAA has been leading the campaign to have genuine consumer representation in the tobacco products regulatory process.  In most everything else the US FDA does, particularly including the regulation of medicines, … Continue reading