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Phillips and Burstyn departure from CASAA

by Carl V Phillips

CASAA (The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association), the publisher of this blog up until today, has decided to focus its resources on mobilizing responses to state and local regulation proposals and it thus cannot devote substantial resources to science and education efforts. The position of chief scientist (held by me since its creation) has been eliminated and thus my role with CASAA has ended. Citing a lack of interest in an organization with this change of focus, Igor Burstyn resigned his membership on the CASAA Board of Directors and is also no longer associated with the organization.

I will be keeping possession of this blog, though obviously nothing from this point forward will be written on behalf of CASAA as the previous posts were. I am not entirely sure what I am going to do with it. For the moment I will keep posting, resources permitting, though I expect I will focus on big-picture and deeper issues rather on critiques of individual bits of bad science (as I have been tending toward for the last several months anyway). While the former is not such great click-bait as the latter, it is important that someone keeps on it. Even though it is not as widely read for entertainment, I notice that the deeper analysis does trickle into the wider conversation. I think my scientific education efforts regarding THR over the last decade, along with Rodu’s, Bates’s and others’, have empowered enough people to be able to do the hot takes on the individual bits of junk science, so my efforts there are not so important as they once were.

Of course, it is possible that whatever I do next (I am still trying to sort that out) will preclude me from continuing the blog and related research and analysis. I might I go off in a completely different direction, such that I cannot keep up with this. Or I might take a position that is not compatible with speaking freely. We shall see. Continue reading