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New study: smoking may be harmless in the 21st century

by Carl V Phillips

The abstract of the new study, just published in the Journal of Abstracts that are More Educational than an Entire MPH Curriculum:

Title: The potential harmlessness of smoking

Background: While smoking was demonstrated to be a widespread and moderately-high-magnitude health threat in the 20th century, less is known about what effects it will have in the 21st.

Methods: Systematic review of journal articles reporting measures of disease risk from smoking during the 21st century.

Results: In contrast with the overwhelming evidence that smoking during the 20th century caused death and disease, no evidence was found to support a similar claim about the 21st century. No RCTs were found, and thus the effects cannot be proven to exist. Moreover, the observational studies that reported effects of smoking during the 21st century consistently failed to control for overwhelming confounding by the well-known risk factor, smoking in the 20th century, and thus the results are highly suspect.

Conclusions: Smoking during the present century may be harmless. All smoking-related public policies that are premised on smoking being harmful should be immediately revoked, in accordance with the precautionary principle and the requirement to do no harm. Continue reading